Hi there !

I'm Niels, and I like to program stuff like this when I'm not studying math or physics.
So that's something I guess.

Find some of my other projects on Codepen or GitHub!

I also have a CV. Let's chat about it!


I sometimes write and animate math-related videos which are voiced by a friend and edited by my brother. Have a look!


Ubuntu Update Manager error after Python 3.7 installation

Wed Feb 06 2019

I recently got the "A Problem Occurred checking for Updates" error in Ubuntu, along with the GUI failing to open and the redshift package crashing. This happened suspiciously close to installing python 3.7...
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Website redesign

Mon Jan 28 2019

I redesigned my portfolio. Here's what changed!
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Overthinking Carcassonne

Tue Jul 03 2018

Is it possible to form a valid configuration with all the Carcassonne tiles?
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Exporting pens made easy

Fri Apr 21 2017

I programmed a bookmarklet to easily download your codepen projects.
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